Which of the following statements are true about 28?

It can be read as “eight squared.”
It has a power of 256.
It can be written as a multiplication problem with eight factors of 2.
It has an exponent of 2.
It has a power of 128.
It has a base of 2.
It can be read as “two raised to a power of eight


  1. It has a power of 256, as stated in the assertion that “It may be interpreted as “eight squared.” ” This statement is genuine. Alternative
    This will be discussed in further detail below.

    What exactly is the act of multiplying?

    In mathematics, a product may refer to either the final result of carrying out the action of multiplication or an expression that specifies the components that are going to be multiplied. In either case, a product is the end result of completing the process of multiplication.
    For example, thirty is the product of the integers six and five, but the dot product of x is just x multiplied by itself.
    In conclusion, another possible interpretation of this phrase is “eight times eight.” It’s possible to see it as the mathematical statement “two raised to the power of eight,” but that’s only one possibility. As may be seen in the following example, it can be recast as a problem involving multiplication with eight different factors of 2.
    Learn more about multiplication by visiting the following link:


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