Which of the following is a degenerate circle?
O A. x² + y² = -4
B. x² + y² = 121
c. (x – 5)² + (y-1)² = 0
D. x+y=12


  1. The require degenerative circle is (x – 5)² + (y – 1)² = 0. Option C is correct.
    Given that,  
    The equation for the degenerative circle is to be determined.

    What is a circle?

    The circle is the locus of a point whose distance from a fixed point is constant i.e center (h, k). The equation of the circle is given by
    (x – h)² + (y – k)² = r²
    where h, k is the coordinate of the circle’s center on the coordinate plane and r is the circle’s radius.
    The degenerative circle is a circle whose radius is zero, from the option,
    Option C has the equation of the circle with radius zero.
    Thus, the required degenerative circle is (x – 5)² + (y – 1)² = 0.
    Learn more about circle here:


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