Which inequality models this problem?

Harry has found two companies that can make custom shirts for him and his friends. Company A charges $12 per shirt plus a $40 design fee. Company B charges $16 per shirt with no design fee.

What is the minimum number of shirts Harry will need to buy for the cost to be less at company A than company B?

A) 12x-40<16x
B) 12x+40<16x
C) 12x-40>16x
D) 12x+40>16x​


  1. Answer:
    The inequality is B 12x + 40 < 16.
    The minimum number of shirts is 11.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Let x = number of shirts
    Company A:
    $12 per shirt + $40 fee
    cost = 12x + 40
    Company B:
    $16 per shirt
    cost = 16x
    cost of A < cost of B
    12x + 40 < 16x
    -4x < -40
    x > 10


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