Which domain is most appropriate for a function that represents
the number of items, f(x), placed into a laundry basket each day, x,
for the month of January?
(1) integers
(2) whole numbers
(3) rational numbers
(4) irrational numbers


  1. Answer:
    whole numbers
    Step-by-step explanation:
    integers: numbers without fractional value in both negative and positive values.
    whole numbers: numbers without fractional value in positive values
    rational numbers: numbers that have repeating decimals
    irrational numbers: numbers that have infinite but non-repeating decimals.
    process of elimination:
    Integers go negative, but in the real world laundry can’t go negative. so no
    whole numbers are perfect because it’s positive and have no part of laundry. so yes
    rational and irrational have decimal values saying that laundry can only be a certain percent even though thats not realistic. so no


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