Which do you think is easier to understand and why do you think so, multiplying radicals or multiplying polynomials?


  1. I believe that its easier to understand the multiplication of a radical than that of a polynomial.

    How to illustrate the information?

    In mathematics, a radical is the opposite of an exponent that is represented with a symbol ‘√’ also known as root.
    A polynomial is an expression which is composed of variables, constants and exponents, that are combined using the mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
    When multiplying radicals with the same index, multiply under the radical, and then multiply in front of the radical. An example is:
    = 3✓2 × 4✓2
    = 12✓4
    = 12 × 2
    = 24
    The multiplication of a radical is easier.
    Learn more about polynomial on:


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