Which division problem is represented with this model?

A.12 ÷ 5

B. 16 ÷ 2

C. 15 ÷ 6

D. 15 ÷ 2
it wont let me put a picture hold on


  1. Answer:
    Although I don’t know what the model looks like I would say put B. 15/6
    Step-by-step explanation:
    When in doubt and don’t know the answer, choose the third one

  2. Answer:
    The division model is 15 ÷ 3
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Interpret the division model
    A division model is of the form: Dividend
    In the attached figure (in the question),
    there are 5 vertical partitions.
    This vertical partitions represents the result
    of the model
    Also from the question attachment;
    The horizontal partitions on the left, if traced
    to the right side of the diagram means that
    each vertical partition is divided into 3 and
    this represents the divisor of the model.
    So, we have:
    Divisor = 3
    To get the quotient of the model, I’ll make
    use of my attached file.
    Counting the number of boxes, we can see
    that there are 15 boxes in total.


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