When an integer is subtracted from 8 times the next consecutive odd integer, the difference is 23. Find the value of the lesser integer.


  1. The value of the lesser integer is 7

    What are algebraic expressions

    Algebraic expressions are expressions consisting of both variables and constants and are also made up of mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, etc.
    From the information given, we have;
    Let the integers be (x) and ( x + 2)
    8(x + 2) – (x)= 23
    Expand the bracket
    8x + 16 – x = 23
    collect like terms
    8x – x = 23 – 16
    Add/subtract like terms
    7x = 7
    Make ‘x’ the subject
    x = 7/7
    The value for the lease integer = x
    Substitute the value of x
    Thus, the value of the lesser integer is 7
    Learn more about algebraic expressions here:


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