What is the point-slope form of the equation of the line that passes through the point (-3,-4) and has a slope
of 2?


  1. Answer:


    Step-by-step explanation:

    To find the point-slope form of the equation we need to get the slope-intercept form of (-3,-4) and 2

    (Slope intercept form formula is y=mx+b) (m is slope) (b is y-intercept)

    So we know that the slope of this equation is 2 so we can replace m with 2 since the slope is 2 and m is slope.

    Equation will look like this:


    Now we need to find the b or y-intercept of the equation to do this the (-3,-4) come into play: replace x with -3 and replace y with -4

    (x,y) -3 is x since it is the same spot in (-3,-4) and -4 is y since it is in the same spot in (-3,-4)



    Multiply 2 and -3:


    Move 6 to the other side by adding 6 on both side:




    Now the equation looks like this: (If you replace b with 2 in y=2x+b)


    Answer: y=2x+2 (Point-slope form is the same thing as slope-intercept form)

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