What is the concentration of each ion in a 0.525 mol/L solution of magnesium chloride?
mg=? cl=?


  1. Answer:

    Mg⁺² = 0.525 mol/L

    Cl⁻ = 1.05 mol/L


    The formula for magnesium chloride is MgCl₂, and in a solution the following process takes place:

    • MgCl₂ → Mg⁺² + 2Cl⁻

    By analyzing the stoichiometric coefficients, we can tell that the concentration of Mg⁺² ions is the same as the concentration of MgCl₂, while the Cl⁻ concentration is twice that value.

    In other words:

    • Mg⁺² concentration = MgCl₂ concentration = 0.525 mol/L
    • Cl⁻concentration = 2 * MgCl₂ concentration = 1.05 mol/L

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