What is an inherent zero? describe three examples of data sets that have inherent zeros and three that do not.


  1. The inherent zero is simply a zero. The three instances for both are-
    1. the average age among college graduates, average monthly body weight, maximum wind velocity during a hurricane with intrinsic zero.
    2. Year of birth, body weight in space, and year of automobile accidents are three that do not.

    What is inherent zero?

    The absolute zero is another name for the intrinsic zero. This is not included in the interval scale because, while the disparity between the two observations makes sense, the ratio does not because it lacks an inherent zero.
    Some key features of inherent zero are-
    • In statistics, the inherent zero is regarded as the starting point or reference point for the ratio scale.
    • The scale with an inherent zero is called as the ratio scale, since we can then compute the ratio between observations and comment on the number of times one observation is less than or bigger than another.
    To know more about the inherent zero, here


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