We can describe 5x-3 as an expression.
How can we describe the parts of the expression that the arrows point to?
5x − 3


  1. We can describe the parts as product of 5 and variable x and subtraction of 3 from it from the concept of algebraic equation.
    Here we use the concept of an algebraic equation, it is the equation in which there are constants, variables, and some products. It also applies mathematical operations like addition, multiplication, subtraction, and Division.
    Now given equation is the 5x-3 so it implies
    There is an unknown number x which is multiplied by 5 and then from the product of unknown 5 and x, three is subtracted.
    So we can summarize it in a way that it is the difference between five times a number and three.
    Hence this expression can be formulated as the difference of product of 5 and variable x  and constant number 3.
    You can find more about algebraic equation :


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