Victoria completed 1/8 of her test in 2/5 of an hour if it koreas rate stayed the same how much of her test was finished in 1 hour?


  1. Answer:

    31.25%  or 1/16 of her test

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Step one:


    let the total amount of her test be x

    we are told that she complete 1/8x  test in 2/5 of  an hour

    hence she completed 1/8x in 0.4 hours

    let us find the rate at which she completes are test

    rate= 1/8x/0.4

    convert the numerator to decimal number for easy computation

    rate= 0.125x/0.4

    rate=0.3125x per hour

    Step two:

    Hence 1 hour she can finish 0.3125x *1


    She can finish 31.25 % of her test in 1 hour

    or 1/16 of her test


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