Uzair has a bag of 20 fruit flavour sweets. 7 of the sweets are strawberry flavour, 11 are lime flavour, 2 are lemon flavour. Uzair takes at random a sweet from the bag. Write down the probability that Uzair

a) takes a strawberry flavour sweet

b) takes a lemon flavour sweet

c) takes a lime flavour sweet

d) takes an orange flavour sweet​


  1. Answer:
    0% 60% 25% 15%
    Step-by-step explanation:
    So 7 A 2 B 11 C and NO D
    So we know 0% chance of D
    C has a 60% chance I THINK
    A has a 25% chance I THINK
    B has a 15% chance I THINK
    so yeah good luck


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