Use the box plots comparing the number of male puppies and number of female puppies attending doggy daycare each day for a month to answer the questions.

Two box plots shown. The top one is labeled Males. Minimum at 0, Q1 at 1, median at 20, Q3 at 25, maximum at 50. The bottom box plot is labeled Females. Minimum at 0, Q1 at 5, median at 6, Q3 at 10, maximum at 18 and a point at 43

Part A: Estimate the IQR for the males data. (2 points)

Part B: Estimate the difference between the median values of each data set. (2 points)

Part C: Describe the distribution of the data and if the mea(n) or median would be a better measure of center for each. (4 points)

Part D: Provide a possible reason for the outlier in the data set. (2 points)


  1. Answer:
    Part A: 24
    Part B: 14
    Part C: First box plot center: Median
               Second box plot center: Mean
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Part A: Q3 – Q1 = 25 – 1
               = 24
    Part B: 1st median – 2nd median = 20 – 6
               = 14
    Part C: For the first box plot the median would be the better center since there is an outlier. For the second box plot, the mean would be the better center since there is no outlier and it shows the average.


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