Unlike Passage 1, Passage 2 focuses primarily on
(A) philosophical foundations
(B) economic impact
(C) popular appeal
(D) moral implications
(E) environmental benefits


  1. The correct answer is option b) economic impact. Unlike Passage 1, Passage 2 focuses primarily on recycling’s economic impact.
    Recycling as a social phenomenon is discussed in the first passage. Passage 2 contends, in contrast, that recycling programs are ineffective in the long run and ultimately wind up being very expensive. More of a focus in passage 2 is placed on the economic aspect.

    Following is the passage from which the question has been taken –

    Passage 1
    It is striking how our culture has wholeheartedly adopted the recycling ethic. Most parents have probably received humbling lectures from their children after tossing Lise a glass jar or newspaper in the trash can. But the popularity 5 of recycling is even more surprising considering the incon veniences associated with it. Who hasn’t experienced the annoyance of trying to satisfy complicated rules about what can and cannot be recycled? Glass jars–but not their tops? Plastics number 1 and 2-but not number 37 Still there is 10 no sign that the public is becoming impatient, so convinced are people of the virtues of recycling
    Passage 2
    Mandatory recycling programs aren’t good for posterity. They offer mainly short-term benefits to a few groups like politicians and waste-handling corporations-while diverting money from genuine social and problems. Recycling programs actually consume resources. They require extra administrators and a continual public relations campaign explaining what to do with dozens of different products-recycle milk jugs but not milk cartons, 20 index cards but not construction paper. Collecting a ton of recyclable items is three times more expensive than collect ing a ton of garbage because crews pick up less material at each stop. Recycling may be the most wasteful activity in the modern United States: a waste of time and money. 25 a waste of human and natural resources.

    Correct Question

    Unlike Passage 1, Passage 2 focuses primarily on recycling’s(A) philosophical foundations(B) economic impact(C) popular appeal(D) moral implications(E) environmental benefits
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