Under her cell phone plan, Enola pays a flat cost of $35 per month and $3 per
gigabyte. She wants to keep her bill at $46.40 per month. Write and solve an
equation which can be used to determine g, the number of gigabytes of data Enola
can use while staying within her budget.


  1. Equation:
    46.40 = 35 + 3x
    The 46.40 represents the goal, so it’s isolated. The thirty-five is the base price so there’s no variable, and the amount of money paid for gigabytes is dependent on the amount of gigabytes bought/used, which will be represented by x, which $3.00 per each gigabyte.
    She can use 3.8 gigabytes (if you have to round to a whole number, it’s 3).


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