Un golfista logra un hoyo tres segundos después de que la pelota fue golpeada. Si la pelota viajó con una rapidez promedio de 0,8 [m/s], ¿cuán lejos se encontraba el hoyo?


  1. Answer:


    Question in English

    A golfer achieves a hole three seconds after the ball was hit. If the ball traveled with an average speed of 0.8 [m / s], how far was the hole?

    Given Data

    time, t = 3s

    average speed r = 0.8 \frac{m}{s}  

    d =?

    By Kinematics of the MU Uniform Movement

    Now we find the distance

    d = rt

    d =  (0.8\frac{m}{s})(3s)


    Therefore, the answer is 2.4m

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