Two water waves meet at the same point, one having a displacement above equilibrium of 60 cm and the other having a displacement above equilibrium of 80 cm.


  1. Answer:

    The resultant displacement is 140 cm


    say first displacement d₁ is 60 cm

    and second displacement d₂ is 80 cm

    Resultant displacement = d₁ + d₂

    = 60 + 80

    = 140 cm

  2. Answer:


    To solve this problem it will be necessary to apply the interference principle.

    Under this principle interference is understood as a phenomenon in which two or more waves overlap to form a resulting wave of greater, lesser or equal amplitude. In this case, if both are at the same point, the result of the total displacement will be the sum of the individual displacements, therefore

    x = \sum h_i\\\\x = 60cm + 80cm\\\\x =140cm

    Therefore the resulting displacement above equilibrium is 140cm


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