Two planes approach each other head-on. Each has a speed of and they spot each other when they are initially 10.0 km apart. How much time do the pilots have to take evasive action?


  1. Answer:

    23.08 seconds


    The computation of the time required is shown below

    Relative Velocity,V is

    = 780 – ( – 780)    

    = 1560 km/h

    As it is moving in inverse or an opposite direction

    And, the Distance, D = 10 km

    So the time is

    t = \frac{D}{V}

    = \frac{10}{1560}          

    = 0.00641 hours

    = 0.00641 \times 3600\ seconds

    = 23.08 seconds

    By dividing the distance from the relative velocity we can get the time and the same is to be taken in the computation part

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