Triangle LMN with vertices L(-9,-1) M(-3,-4) and N(-5,-8)
Part A: 270 degrees counterclockwise rotation about the origin
Part B: translated along the (x,y)-(x+7, y-2)


  1. Part A: L(-1,9) M(-4,3) N (-8,5)

    Step by step explanation:

    A 270° counter clockwise rotation is the same thing as 90° clockwise- since all 3 of the points are in quadrant 3 (both points negative) it’ll end up in quadrant 2 (x negative, y positive). When you rotate a point 90° you basically just switch the x and y values and change the negative sign to match the quadrant it’s in so for each point (for example (-9,-1)) it would be (-1,9).

    Part B: L(6,7) M(3,1) N(-1,3)

    Step by step explanation:
    To translate something just add or subtract from the x and y values making sure to apply the same change to all of the points if they are in the same shape (or instructed otherwise).


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