TRANSPORTATION The cost of riding in a cab is $3.00 plus $0.75 per mile. The equation that represents this relation is y=0.75x+3, where x is the number of miles traveled and y is the cost of the trip. Find and interpret f(17).


  1. Answer:

    f(17) = $15.75

    The amount it takes for a trip of 17 miles is $15.75

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Here, we want to calculate f(17)

    The equation is given as;

    y = 0.75x + 3

    For f(17), substitute x for 17

    y = 0.75(17) + 3

    y = 12.75 + 3

    y = $15.75

    What f(17) means is that the ride was for 17 miles

    $15.75 is for a trip of 17 miles

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