To rent a car, company A charges $55 per day and 33 cents per mile. Company B charges no daily fee, but 55 cents per mile. How many miles must you drive for Company B to cost the same as company A?

please show your work
and give the answer


  1. Answer:
    about 101 miles to equal the same amount as place A. (if this is daily”)
    Step-by-step explanation:
    so how I went about this is first I added 55+0.33 because thats how much you need to drive one mile for one day with place A. and that equaled 50.30 so then I divided 50.30 by 0.55 because thats all it costs per mile for place B so I got 100.545454545 so i just rounded it up to 101
    i hope im right plmn;)

  2. Answer:
    no they are not the same tax or rate because 33 cents off is company B
    Step-by-step explanation:
    88 cents for company A and 55 cents for company B
    and company A charged a fee of 33 cents but company B did not


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