To promote a new brand of shoes, a shoe store will run
a promotion using a jar containing 3 red balls marked
“10% off,” 2 white balls marked “30% off,” and
1 green ball marked “60% off.” Each customer will
randomly select 1 ball from the jar to determine the
discount that the customer will receive on any single
pair of the new brand of shoes. Given that the new
brand of shoes regularly costs $60 per pair, what is the
average discount amount, in dollars, that the store can
expect to give each customer due to this promotion?


  1. Based on the percentage discount that one gets from the promotion using a jar, the average discount amount the shoe store can expect to give each customer is $15.

    How much discount will the shoe store give on average?

    The average discount in percentages will be:
    = (3/6 x 10%) + (2/6 x 30%) + (1/6 x 60%)
    = 5% + 10% + 10%
    = 25%
    The average discount in cash amounts is:
    = 25% x 60
    = $15
    In conclusion, the average discount amount that the store can expect to give each customer in dollars is $15.
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