Three lakes lost water during a drought. Lake Jensen lost 1/3 of its water, Lake Parlow lost 34% of its water, and Lake Stockton lost 147/300 of its water. Which lake lost the LEAST amount of water?

A. Lake Jensen
B. Lake Parlow
C. Lake Stockton
D. All three lakes lost the same amount of water


  1. Using equivalent decimals, the correct option regarding which lake lost the least amount of water is:

    How to find the equivalent decimals?

    • For a fraction, we have to divide the numerator by the denominator to find the equivalent decimal.
    • For a percentage, we just have to divide the percentage by 100%.
    Hence, for the three lakes, the equivalent amounts are given by:
    • Lake Jensen: 1/3 = 0.3333.
    • Lake Parlow: 34% = 34/100 = 0.34.
    • Lake Stockton: 147/300 = 0.49.
    The smallest equivalent decimal is of 0.33, hence Lake Jensen lost the least amount of water and option A is correct.
    More can be learned about equivalent decimals at


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