Three friends go out to dinner. Abby gets a hamburger that costs $8.25,
Maya gets pasta that costs $10.50, and Kayla gets chicken fingers that
cost $6.85. Abby has a coupon for 15% off that she agrees to let
everyone use. Rounded to the nearest dollar, what is the total cost of
the meal, including the discount?


  1. Answer:

    Total: $21.76

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Abby: 8.25

    Maya: 10.50

    Kayla: 6.85

    Since Abby has a coupon for 15% we would multiply each meal by 15% to see how much money will be taken off by the coupon.

    Abby: 8.25 x 0.15= 1.24

    Maya: 10.50 x 0.15=1.58

    Kayla: 6.85 x 0.15=1.02

    Next subtract the amount of money taken off by the coupon by each meal.

    Abby: 7.01

    Maya: 8.92

    Kayla: 5.83

    Total: $21.76

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