This question has two parts. First, answer Part A. Then, answer Part B.
Part A
The cheerleading squad is accepting donations and having a bake sale to raise funds for the program. The table shows the results from over the weekend where n represents the number of items sold at the bake sale.

Day Total Amount
Raised ($)
Saturday 21n + 135
Sunday 17n + 160

Write an expression to show the total amount raised by the squad from the weekend.

Part B
Fill in the blank question.
If the cheerleading squad sold each item for $3 at the bake sale, how much was raised in all?


  1. The expression for the total amount raised is 38n + 295 and the actual amount is $409

    The expression for total amount raised

    From the question, we have the following parameters that can be used in our computation:
    Day           Total Amount Raised ($)
    Saturday   21n + 135
    Sunday     17n + 160
    The Total Amount Raised is calculated as
    Total Amount Raised = Saturday + Sunday
    Substitute the known values in the above equation, so, we have the following representation
    Total Amount Raised = 21n + 135 + 17n + 160
    Evaluate the like terms
    Total Amount Raised = 38n + 295

    The amount raised in total

    Total Amount Raised = 38n + 295
    Bake sale = $3
    So, we have
    Total Amount Raised = 38 * 3 + 295
    Total Amount Raised = 409
    This means that the actual amount is $409
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