This prism is being used as a planter for small plants to keep on a windowsill.

How much dirt will it take to completely fill 4 of these planters?

11512 cm³

361 cm³

462 cm³

I don’t know.
The figure contains a right rectangular prism. The length of the prism is labeled 3 and one half centimeters, the width is labeled 6 centimeters, and the height is labeled 5 and one half centimeters.


  1. Answer:
      (c)  462 cm³
    Step-by-step explanation:
    The volume of one planter is given by the formula …
      V = LWH . . . . the product of lenght, width, and height
    One of the given planters has a volume of …
      V = (3.5 cm)(6 cm)(5.5 cm) = 115.5 cm³
    Four (4) of these planters will have a total volume that is 4 times this value:
      V = 4(115.5 cm³) = 462 cm³
    It will take 462 cm³ of dirt to completely fill 4 of the planters.


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