this afternoon dan left school, rode the bus 11/12 of a mile, and then walked 1/3 of a mile to get home. how much farther did dan ride than walk? write your answer as a fraction or as a whole or mixed number.


  1. Dan rode 7/12 miles farther than walk after school.

    What is a fraction?

    Any number of equal parts is represented by a fraction, which also represents a portion of a whole. A fraction, such as one-half, eight-fifths, or three-quarters, indicates how many components of a particular size there are when stated in ordinary English.
    To compare both the fractions we will make the denominators similar and then subtract them to know the distance.
    So the walking distance is 1/3 miles
    This is also equal to 4/12 miles. (By multiplying both denominator and numerator with 4)
    Now subtract 11/12 and 4/12
    11/12-4/12 = 7/12 miles.
    Therefore, Dan rode 7/12 miles farther than walk after school.
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