There are four more women than men at a golf club.

Let m represent the number of men at the club. Express the total number of men and women in terms of m.


  1. m is for our men at the club
    m + (4xm) is for our women
    It cannot be m + 4 because we don’t know the value of m.
    E.g. If we knew there were 3 men at the club, then, in total, we’ll have 3 men + 3 women + 4 extra giving us 10 members.
    This also works for 1 men + 1 women + ( 4 more women) meaning 1 women x 4 = 4 women & ending up with 1 + 1 + 4, which is 6.
    Note that if I have 5 oranges, and you have 2 extra than mine, you’ll have 7 oranges. This means at some point we had the same amount of 5 oranges + the extra.
    Plus, we know one in front of any variable gives us the variable like 1x is the same as x. In this case 1m is also the same as m.
    So, we arrive at a total of – the m + m + (4xm) =>
    2m + (4m) which is 6m
    The total number of men and women in terms of m will be 6m.
    If there were to be 5 men, we get a total of 30 men + women (6×5) altogether or 30 members.
    the m + m + (4xm) => 5 + 5 + (4×5) = 30
    Hope this helps!


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