There are 5 kids who want to start a game of Red Rover. Then 12 more kids come to play. If there are 2 teams in Red Rover, which of the following best describes how many kids will be on each team?


  1. Answer: The answer is one will have 8 and one will have 9 so roughly 8
    Step-by-step explanation
    So to start we need to add all the kids together that are playing
    5+12= 17
    Now we need to divide the number of kids by the number of teams that there are
    17 divided by 2=8.5
    So each team will have 8 but one will have nine
    Hope this helps 😀

  2. Answer:
    see explanation.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    5 + 12 = 17.
    There are 2 teams.
    17 / 2 = 8 R1.
    The remaining child has to wait for the game to end.
    8 kids will be on each team.
    The remaining one will wait.
    hope this helps.


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