There are 24 boys, 45 girls and 281 adults in a badminton club.
50 more children join the club.
The number of girls is now 18% of the total number of members.
How many of the 50 children were boys?

Pls give step by step explanation of possible


  1. Answer: Follow these steps.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    1. Add the total number of members in the club : 24+45+281+50=400
    2. Decipher the number of girls from the percentage given by the total number of members : (18/100)*400 = 72
    3. Now subtract the previously existing number of girls from the present number of girls : 72-45=27
    4. Subtracting the new number of girls from the total children who joined the club will give the number of boys : 50-27=23
        Therefore 23 boys joined the club.

  2. Answer:
    you’ll get the answer with these steps
    Step-by-step explanation:
    24 boys,45 girls  if 50 more children came
    add all of the 45,24and two hundred eighty one all together once its done subtract and multiply


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