The volume of the vessel is reduced twice,and the number of molecules is reduced three times.How the pressure will change gas?​


  1. Answer:

         P₁ = ⅔ P₀


    For this exercise we can use the ideal gas equation

             PV = n R T

    let’s write the equation for the initial point, where we will use the subscript o and the end with subscript 2


    Suppose the temperature does not change in the process

            P₀V₀ / n₀ = P₁V₁ / n₁

    They tell us that

          V₁ = V₀ / 2

           n₁ = n₀ / 3


    we substitute

         P_o \frac{V_o}{n_o} = P_1 \frac{V_o}{2}  \frac{3}{n_o}  

            P₀ = \frac{3}{2}     P₁  

            P₁ = ⅔ P₀


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