The volume of a cylinder having height one and half of the radius is 12,936 m3 what minimum square cm of paper is needed to cover the curved surface area of the cylinder? The answer should be 1848m2. please solve my question.​


  1. Answer:
    Lateral Surface Area = 1848 m^2 (does not include the top and bottom)
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Vol Cylinder = pi*r^2 *h  
    h = (3/2)r
    Vol = pi*r^2((3/2)r)                     [We are told that the volume is 12,936 m^3]
    pi*r^2((3/2)r) = 12,936 m^3  
    pi*(3/2)*(r^3) = 12,936 m^3
    pi*r^3 = (12,936 m^3)*(2/3)
    pi*r^3 = 8,624 m
    r^3 = (8,624 m)/(3.14)
    r^3 = 2745.1
    r = 14.0 m
    Lateral Surface = 2*(pi)*r*h  [Lateral is just the curved portion of the right cylinder.
    Lateral Surface Area = 2*(3.14)*(14.0)(21.0)
    Lateral Surface Area = 1848 m^2


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