The verticals of a triangle are (2,5) (1,2) (3,1) to see once reflect the triangle in the x-axis and then rotate the triangle 90 degrees counterclockwise about the origin. what are the coordinates of the image.


  1. Answer:
    (5,2) (2,1) (1,3)
    Step-by-step explanation:
    First, reflect the image over the x-axis. This affects the y of each point to become negative, and moves the triangle from quadrant I to quadrant IV. This changes the points to be (2,-5) (1,-2) (3,-1).
    Next, when rotating the triangle counterclockwise about the origin, the easiest way to describe what this does to the points is that it switches the numbers for x and y, and makes all of them positive. This is because the rotation ends up moving the coordinates back into quadrant I, so they’re positive. However, the rotation does switch up the points a bit. So now, the points are (5,2) (2,1) (1,3).


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