The uncompromising/ A tone of a recent city hall ordinance concerning/B the blocking of emergency
vehicles in traffic jams carry/C a stern warning to/D motorists. No error/E


  1. A recent municipal call ordinance that prohibits emergency vehicles from being blocked in gridlock delivers a strong warning to drivers.

    What are jumbled Sentences?

    The grammar exercise in which we rearrange the words in an abrupt manner for the reader to arrange them back is known as jumbled sentences.
    The reasoning behind Correct Answer C: This sentence’s mistake can be seen at (C), where the subject and verb dispute. The solitary subject, “The uncompromising tone,” cannot be referred to by the plural verb “carry.” It must use the singular verb “carries.”
    The reason given for Wrong Answer A: Nothing is wrong here (A). The noun “tone” is appropriately modified by the adjective “uncompromising.”
    The reason given for Wrong Answer B: Nothing is wrong here (B). The ordinance, the noun that comes before it, is correctly modified by the participle “concerning.”
    Justification for Wrong Answer D: Nothing is wrong here (D). A stern warning is correctly connected to the noun “motorists” by the preposition “to.”
    Justification for Wrong Answer E: The statement contains a typo.
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