The turn signal Car A blinks 7 times every 5 seconds. The turn signal on Car B blinks 5 times every 4 seconds. In one minute, how many more times will the turn signal blink on Car A than the turn signal on Car B?
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  1. Answer:
    Car A blinks 36 more times than Car B
    Step-by-step explanation:
    To figure out how many times Car A blinks, you have to divide 60 / 5 which equals 12. Since it blinks 7 times per 5 seconds, you would have to multiply 7 by 12, which equals the answer for the first part, 84 times per minute.
    To figure out many times Car B blinks, it’s the same way. But this time, you multiply 12 by 4, since it blinks 5 times every 4 seconds. Which in that case is 48 times per minute.
    So, 84 – 48 = 36 times more than Car B


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