The temperature at 9 a.m. is 2 degrees. the temperature rises 3 more degrees by noon. which expression describes the temperature at noon? 2 3 2 (negative 3) negative 2 (negative 3) negative 2 3


  1. The correct expression is 2+3 to the given temperature problem.
    what is temperature?
    • A measurement of the mean linear kinetic energy per molecule in the system, temperature is a physical term that describes how hot matter is.
    • It is the observable fraction of matter’s molar thermal energy; heat transfer takes place when a body’s temperature changes from one that is hotter to one that is cooler.
    • A thermometer is used to determine temperature. It is calibrated using different temperature scales that historically defined themselves using different reference points and thermometric substances. The most popular scales are the Celsius scale, also known as “centigrade,” with the unit °C, the Fahrenheit scale, with the unit °F, and the Kelvin scale, with the unit K.
    • The latter is primarily used for scientific research and is the primary temperature scale specified by the International System of Units (SI).
    • Absolute zero is the lowest possible temperature, at which a body can no longer lose thermal energy.
    • The third law of thermodynamics acknowledges that it can only be approached extremely closely, but not reached, in experiments.
    Simply putting the rational means to this temperature problem which rises with the time, the correct way to represent is 2+3.
    Learn more about temperature here:


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