The power lines are at a high potential relative to the ground, so there is an electric field between the power lines and the ground. To maximize the potential difference between one end of the fluorescent tube and the other, how should the tube be held?a. The tube should be held horizontally, parallel to the ground b. The potential difference between the ends of the tube does not depend on the tube’s orientation. c. The tube should be held vertically perpendicular to the ground


  1. Answer:

    b) True. potencial diferencie does not depend on orientation


    In this exercise we are asked to show which statements are true.

    The expression the potential with respect to earth or the electric field with respect to earth refers to the potential or electric charge of the planet that is assumed to be very large and does not change in value during work.

    It does not refer to the height of the system.

    We can now review the claims

    a) False. Potential not to be refers to height

    b) True. Does not depend on orientation

    c) False The potential does not refer to the altitude but to the Earth’s charge

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