The point A(−1,−8) is reflected over the point (2,−2) and its image is point B. What are the coordinates of point B?


  1. The coordinates of the point B as described in which case it is the image formed upon reflection of point A is; (5,4)

    What is the coordinate of the point B which is the image formed by reflection of point A?

    If follows from the task content description that the point A is an initial point which upon reflection yields point B.
    Hence, it follows that the coordinates of point B can be determined according as follows;
    For x coordinate;
    -1 -2 = 2 – x
    And hence, x = 5.
    For y coordinate;
    -8-(-2) = -2 – y
    y = 4.
    Hence, the coordinates of the image point B is; (5,4).
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