The original cost of a cell phone is x dollars.the phone is on sale for 35% off.write a simplified expression for the sale cost


  1. The original cost of a cell phone is mathematically given as
    0.65x = sale cost
    This is further explained below.

    What is the original cost?

    The complete amount of money spent on the acquisition of an item is referred to as the “original cost.” When calculating the initial cost of an asset, all of the costs associated with acquiring the asset and making use of it are included in. This includes both direct and indirect costs.
    Generally, the equation for the original cost is mathematically given as
    original cost – (percentage off)(original cost) = sale cost
    x – 0.35x
    0.65x = sale cost
    In conclusion,  The original cost of a cell phone is
    0.65x = sale cost
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