The number of students in a geometry class is four
fifths the number of students in a Spanish class.
The total number of students in both classes does
not exceed 54. What is the greatest possible
number of students in the Spanish class?


  1. Answer:

    Step-by-step explanation:


    Let the number in the Spanish Class = x

    Then the number in the Geometry Class = (4/5) x


    x + (4/5)x < 54


    x + (4/5)x < 54

    4/5 = 0.8

    x + 0.8x < 54

    1.8x < 54                    Divide both sides by 1.8

    1.8x / 1.8 < 54/1.8

    x < 30

    The sign used in the equation is less than, not less than or equal to.

    The number of students taking Spanish cannot equal 30. There must be 29 in the Spanish Class.

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