The narrator indicates that he pays SempereA) less than Sempere expects him to pay forthe books.B) nothing, because Sempere won’t take his money.C) the money he makes selling sweets to the otherchildren.D) much less for the books than they are worth.


  1. The narrator indicates that he pays Sempere less than Sempere expects him to pay for the book.
    A book is a object used to preserve information in text or images, a book is often made up of several pages (made of papyrus, linen, vellum, or paper) that are tied together and covered. This physical arrangement is known by the technical word codex (plural, codices).
    The codex succeeds its forerunner, the scroll, in the history of portable physical supports for lengthy written compositions or records. A leaf in a rule book is a single sheet, while a page is a leaf’s two sides.
    A book is the prototypical example of an intellectual work that is so vast that it requires a significant commitment of time to write and yet demands time to read. Narrators used to give their context in various books to get published.
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