The monthly salary of mr nadir is $6723.50 and his monthly expenditure is $3854.75. how much does he save in one year.


  1. The one year savings of Mr. Nadir is $. 34, 425
    Mr. Nadir Monthly salary = $6723.50
    His monthly Expenditure = $3854.75
    Now we have to find the savings amount of each month.
    For that, first we have to calculate the remaining amount he has after spending the expenditure.
    To calculate the remaining amount we have to subtract the expenditure from the total amount that’s is his salary.
    Remaining amount = Salary – Expenditure
    Remaining amount = 6723.50 – 3854.75
    => 2868.75
    So, for one year he must save the amount
    => 2868.75 x 12 = 34425
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