The median household income
in the United States was $56,277 in 2015 and $57,617
in 2016. Write a linear equation giving the median
household income y in terms of the year x. Then use
the equation to predict the median household income
in 2021. please help im majorly confused


  1. The linear equation for the median household income in x years after 2015 is given by:
    y = 1340x + 56277.
    Using this equation, the estimate for the median household income in 2021 is of $64,317.

    What is a linear function?

    A linear function is modeled by:
    y = mx + b
    In which:
    • m is the slope, which is the rate of change, that is, by how much y changes when x changes by 1.
    • b is the y-intercept, which is the value of y when x = 0, and can also be interpreted as the initial value of the function.
    We consider 2015 as the initial year, hence:
    • The y-intercept is of 56,277.
    • The slope is of 57,617 – 56,277 = 1340.
    Hence the equation is given by:
    y = 1340x + 56277.
    2021 is 6 years after 2015, hence the estimate is given by:
    y = 1340 x 6 + 56277 = $64,317.
    More can be learned about linear equations at


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