The math department needs to buy new textbooks and laptops for the computer science classroom. The textbooks cost $116.00 each, and the laptops cost $439.00 each. If the math department has $6500 to spend and purchases 30 textbooks, how many laptops can they buy?
1) 6
2) 7
3) 11


  1. Answer:
    1) 6 (the answer is 6)
    Step-by-step explanation:
    First, let’s calculate how much the textbooks cost in total: 30 textbooks * $116.00/textbook = $<<30*116=3480.00>>3480.00
    Then, let’s subtract the cost of the textbooks from the total amount of money the math department has available: $6500.00 – $3480.00 = $<<6500-3480=3015.00>>3015.00
    Finally, we can divide the amount of money the math department has left by the cost of each laptop to determine how many laptops they can afford: $3015.00 / $439.00/laptop = 6.83 laptops
    Since it’s not possible to buy a fraction of a laptop, the math department can only buy 6 laptops. Therefore, the answer is 6, which corresponds to choice (1).


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