The length of a rectangle is three times longer than its width. the perimeter of the rectangle is 16 feet. if x represents the width of the rectangle in feet, which equation can be used to find its value? 3x x = 16 (3x)(x) = 16 3x 3x x x = 16 3x 3x x = 16


  1. The equation that can be used to find the value of x in the rectangle will be 3x + 3x + x + x = 16.

    What is perimeter?

    • A closed path that covers, encircles, or outlines a one-dimensional length or a two-dimensional shape is called a perimeter.
    • There are numerous uses in real life for perimeter calculations:
    1. The measurement of the fence needed to completely enclose a yard or garden is called the perimeter.
    2. How far a wheel or circle will roll in one revolution is determined by its circumference, or perimeter.
    3. Similar to this, the circumference of a spool is related to the length of string looped around it; if the string’s length were correct, it would match the circumference.
    Now, given:
    1. Width of rectangle = x
    2. Length of rectangle = 3x
    3. Perimeter = 16
    As perimeter of rectangle = 2 ( length + width),
    According to question, 16 = 2 (3x + x)
    => x = 2
    Hence, the equation used to find the value will be given by: 3x + 3x + x + x =16.
    To learn more about perimeter, refer to the given link:


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