The length and width of a rectangle are consecutive integers. The perimeter of the rectangle is 42 inches. Find the length and width of the rectangle.


  1. The length and the width are 21. 5 and 20. 5

    What is the perimeter of a rectangle?

    The formula for perimeter of a rectangle is given as;
    Perimeter = 2length + 2 width
    From the information given, we have the length and width to be consecutive integers
    Let the length be l and the width be w
    Substitute the value for perimeter in the equation;
    42 = 2l + 2w
    factor out 2
    42 = 2 ( l + w)
    Divide both sides by 2
    42/2 = l + w
    21 = l + w
    If the length and width are consecutive integers, then either of them are greater than the other by 1
    The length = 21. 5
    The width = 20.5
    Thus, the length and the width are 21. 5 and 20. 5
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