The height of a right rectangular prism is 3 units greater than the length of the base. the edge length of the square base is x units. which expression represents the volume of the prism, in cubic units?


  1. The expression x³+3x² is a cubic unit representation of the prism’s volume.

    What is right rectangular prism?

    Having 6 faces, 12 edges, and 8 vertices, a right rectangular prism is a three-dimensional object. Angles between the base and sides are right angles in a right rectangular prism. Rectangles make up each of the six faces.
    We have provided that to:
    In a right rectangular prism, the height is three units more than the base’s length.
    The square base has edges that are x units long.
    How much volume does a rectangular prism have?
    Volume of the rectangular prism = width × length × height
    V =  W × L × H   ………………..(1)
    We’ve indicated that the
    bigger by three than the base’s length, h
    and  the length of the base is x:
                   H = X +3
              Length of the base = X
               Width = X
    Adding the values l h and w to the formula (1) yields,
    V = W × L × H
    = X × X × (X+3)
    = (X²) × (X+3)
    = X³ + 3X³
    Consequently, the phrase
                   X³ + 3X³
    represents, in cubic units, the prism’s volume.
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