The Great Pyramid near Cairo is one of
history’s most spectacular achievements. Its
base covers an area large enough to hold 10
football fields. If the base of a pyramid is a
square 400 m on a side, how long would a
walkway that went around the entire pyramid
halfway up be?


  1. Based on the given information, the walkway would be 800 meters long if it is only halfway.

    What is the perimeter?

    In geometry, the perimeter can be defined as the total length of the boundary of a geometrical shape. This differs from the area because the area focuses on the space inside the shape.

    What is the perimeter of the pyramid?

    The perimeter of a square can be calculated by adding up the length of its sides, as shown below:
    400 + 400 + 400 + 400 = 1600 meters
    This means the total perimeter is 1600 meters.

    How long would the walkway be?

    Considering the walkway needs to cover only half of the perimeter o be halfway up, the length would be:
    1600 / 2 = 800 meters.
    Based on this, it can be concluded the total length of this walkway would be 800 meters.

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