The graph shows the amount of water that remains in a barrel after it begins to leak. The variable x represents the number of days that have passed since the barrel was filled, and y represents the number of gallons of water that remain in the barrel.

A graph titled Water Supply with number of days on the x-axis and gallons of water left on the y-axis. A line goes through points (6, 33) and (15, 15).

What does the y-intercept represent?


  1. Answer:
    The initial value or the amount of water in the barrel when they started.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    The y-intercept is always the intial value. Now all we have to do it find out of what.
    Well we are looking at gallons of water left in the barrel, when they started the barrel WAS NOT empty. It had a certain amount of water, and that is the y-intercept.


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